Vacationing In Comfort: 7 Amenities To Look For In A Beach Vacation Home


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Vacationing In Comfort: 7 Amenities To Look For In A Beach Vacation Home

Added: Sep 06, 2018
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When you go on vacation you want everything about the trip to be a breeze, and that can easily be achieved when you look for a beach house rental. To go the extra mile, look for these amenities in your beach vacation home that will make your trip truly luxurious.

  1. Functional Kitchen. Having a kitchen stocked with standard appliances like a refrigerator, oven, stove, dishwasher, coffee maker, and toaster make bringing the family on vacation that much easier. According to about 71% of travelers with children, the ability to cook their own meals was a major factor in their vacation rental choice. With access to a kitchen of your own, you save money on going out to eat and can easily satisfy any picky eaters in the family.
  2. Laundry Machines. If you are going to stay at your beach vacation home for more than a few days, then a laundry machine is essential. You can simplify your packing list when you know that you'll be able to wash clothes in between wears, and you have a way to clean messes the kids might make.
  3. Pet-Friendly. A longer stay at a rental home may also entice you to bring your pet along for the ride. Many beach house rentals will charge an additional pet fee, but it may be worth it to have your furry friend with you and not pay to board them at a kennel.
  4. Private Pool or Hot Tub. While the beach is easily accessible, some members of your party may enjoy a more controlled experience in the water. A pool or hot tub that's exclusive to your household will give them that option as a great place to unwind.
  5. Balcony or Porch. Before the kids wake up and are begging for breakfast, you need a spot to drink some coffee and take in the beachfront view. A balcony or porch gives you a convenient little space that is still within the house for some alone time.
  6. Game Room. For those who prefer the comfort of the indoors, a game room in the vacation house provides endless entertainment. One that is outfitted with a pool table, cards, and board games will give your friends and family many options while they take a break from the sun.
  7. Bikes. Consider renting a beach vacation home that has bikes stored on the property. This way you don't have to cart your own from home when you want to go for a ride around the area.

No matter which home you choose to rent, you and your family are bound to have a memorable time on the beach. You don't have to sacrifice comfort, however, to make these memories if you include these amenities in your vacation home search.

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