4 Reasons You Should Take a Pre-Wedding Vacation With Your Future Spouse


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4 Reasons You Should Take a Pre-Wedding Vacation With Your Future Spouse

Added: Jun 05, 2018
Category: Local Resources

condo rentals in clearwaterYou've heard of couples taking a vacation after the wedding, but here are some reasons you should take one before the wedding, too.

To relieve some stress

Wedding planning will take up so much of your time, and it can really stress you out. You are surrounded by your bridal party, friends, and family, and every conversation happens to be about the wedding. If you let the stress take over you, your wedding can take a serious turn for the worst. When you invest in beach vacation rentals before the wedding, you can escape all that stress and refresh yourself.

To spend some time alone

When you're engaged and in the midst of planning your wedding, you're going to notice and you and your future spouse rarely get to spend time alone together anymore. You're always with vendors, family, or friends trying to nail down every last detail. Check out some condo rentals in Clearwater so you can focus on each other and not forget why you're planning this wedding in the first place.

To do a little wedding planning

It's true that you're traveling to get away from the wedding talk, but you really can't completely escape it. Plus, it's much more appealing to talk about last-minute wedding details when you're poolside with a cocktail than when you're shoving dinner down your throat after work before you have to rush to the next planning event. You will be able to focus and enjoy yourself so you don't hate your wedding so much.

To practice for the honeymoon

This is especially important if the two of you have never traveled anywhere before. A pre-wedding trip will help you learn each other's travel preferences. You don't want to run into any serious snags on the real honeymoon, and this can help you iron those out. You can learn who likes to plan and who goes with the flow, who likes the aisle seat on the plan and who wants the window seat, who likes to get up early and who likes to sleep in on vacation, etc.

About 50% of people between the ages of 35 and 44 prefer to book through online travel agencies. When you're planning your pre-wedding vacation, check out our online inventory of condo rentals in Clearwater.

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