Your Guide To Packing Up The Whole Family For A Beach Vacation Rental


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Your Guide To Packing Up The Whole Family For A Beach Vacation Rental

Added: Nov 01, 2018
Category: Local Resources

beach vacation rentalYour beach vacation should be a breeze, and these days it seems the easiest way to guarantee that is to rent a vacation home. Beach vacation rentals typically include amenities you wouldn't have at hotels, such as a fully stocked kitchen and a washer and dryer. The privacy of renting beach vacation homes is also appealing for many families. However, any great vacation can turn into meltdown city if you forget to pack the right things. Follow these tips for strategic packing and you'll ensure that everything the family needs comes with you.

Figure Out The Bed Situation Beforehand

When you're traveling with young children or with a lot of kids of various ages, you'll need a strategy for sleeping. If you have an infant or toddler, make sure there is a portable crib available in the beach vacation rental. You can also rent cribs from local companies, but be sure to do so early. If you need any extra beds, be sure to bring inflatable mattresses or comfy sleeping bags so that everyone has a place to sleep. Before you hit the road, make sure that each child has their favorite blanket or stuffed animal packed so that they can sleep easily at night.

Plan Your Meals

The ability to cook their own meals was a major reason why 71% of surveyed travelers with children chose a vacation rental. Take advantage of the kitchen in your rental home by planning out easy and comforting meals you can make there. Bring a quick meal, like microwave mac-and-cheese or soup, for the first night. Pack groceries and seasoning you'll need for the rest of the week's meals. Be sure to also bring plastic bags and aluminum foil to wrap up any leftovers.

Bring The Comforts Of Home

Another major benefit of vacation homes is the ability to make them feel like home for young kids. Hotel rooms can be a jarring change from the comforting surroundings to which they're accustomed. Pack their favorite night lights, blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals to make them feel as if they are in their own rooms. If they tend to fall asleep better with the assistance of white noise machines or apps, make sure you have those ready. After a long day of travel, you'll want as little fuss from the kids as possible.

By planning ahead, you can make your vacation a true time to relax. Skip the stress of fitting everything into a hotel, and instead pack all of the comforts you need to make your beach vacation rental your home away from home.

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