How To Plan A Great Beach Vacation With Friends


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How To Plan A Great Beach Vacation With Friends

Added: Dec 28, 2018
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Traveling with friends to a scenic beach and going in on a vacation rental home together sounds like the perfect plan, but if you've never traveled with these friends before you may run into some issues before the fun can begin. Vacationing with both friends and family is a great alternative, as those who traveled with a mixed group like this usually remember their trip at least 20% better than those who travel with an unmixed group. If you're set on a friends-only vacation, know these planning tips so that you have a successful and enjoyable trip.

Set Up A Group Fund

Outside of the primary costs for travel and the vacation rental home, there are many other expenses that can be a headache for groups of friends to attempt to split. Before the vacation begins, set up a fund to which everyone contributes the same amount to cover joint expenses. These expenses typically include taxis or gas if you're driving your own car, group dinners, tips, and the food and supplies for beach vacation homes. If the account is running low, have everyone contribute the same amount again until the trip is over.

Divvy Up The Responsibilities

While you may have a lead person who has coordinated the trip, you don't want to burden them with all of the responsibilities leading up to it. That kind of planning stress can easily burn a person out and take the fun out of retreating to a vacation house. Have one friend look for flight deals or coordinate the road trip part of it, another make a list of the supplies you'll need, and someone else research fun activities and good restaurants in the area.

Choose The Right Group

When you have a group of friends who easily mesh together, you're more likely to have an enjoyable vacation. Make sure that everyone in the group likes everyone else and that you also enjoy the company of everyone going. Groups of friends who already know each other make for a great trip, as they can work together well to get things done and can have fun together.

A weekend at the beach in a gorgeous vacation rental home is going to be an enjoyable trip no matter what, but you can make it into a great one with some advanced planning. Work with your group to plan a trip everyone will love and then get ready for a vacation you'll always remember.

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