Tips And Tricks To Know When You Take The Kids To The Beach


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Tips And Tricks To Know When You Take The Kids To The Beach

Added: Jan 02, 2019
Category: Local Resources

oceanfront vacation rental

Going on a beach vacation and staying at an oceanfront vacation rental is going to be one of the highlights of your year, but going with the whole family always requires a bit of extra planning. Staying at vacation rental homes during your time on the coast is the first step in a simplified trip, as you'll have a convenient home base and place to cook meals.

In fact, 71% of travelers with children cited the ability to cook their own meals as the primary reason for choosing a vacation rental. However, simply going to the beach requires some careful preparation. Know these handy tips for taking kids to the beach, and you'll have the easy vacation you've been dreaming of.

  • Invest in a tent: The days of lugging around giant beach umbrellas are gone and have been replaced with beach-friendly, pop-up tents and shelters for the little ones. Babies and toddlers will have a shady and protected place to take a nap when they need to without trekking back to your oceanfront vacation rental.
  • Pick a spot by the lifeguard: This tip isn't only in case of an emergency, but it also makes it easy for the kids to remember where you're sitting if they get too far away. You won't be able to sit directly in front of the lifeguard for safety reasons, but settle to their left or right and the kids can easily come back from their beach adventures.
  • De-sand with baby powder: Sand is going to get everywhere once you step foot on the beach no matter what you do, but you can de-sand your children with baby powder. Sprinkle a good amount of baby powder on sandy skin, and it will make it much easier to get them clean once you're inside your vacation house.
  • Plan a treasure hunt: There will be plenty of activities to keep the kids busy at the beach, but you can join in on the fun by planning a treasure hunt. Bury colorful items, such as sand shovels or golf balls, in the sand around your area and then have the kids search for them while you give them clues.
  • Leave meltdown free: No matter how tired they are, kids never seem to want to leave the beach. A meltdown on your way out can put a damper on your fun day, so give the kids plenty of advanced notice before you go. Be packed up before you give that notice so that when it's time you can collect the kids and go.

The most important tip is to have fun. A day at the beach is going to be crazy with even the best plans, so at some point you will have to give in to the hecticness and just remember to enjoy yourself. After all, you'll always have your oceanfront vacation rental to retreat to once the kids are tucked in for the night.

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